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Building a Healthy Business through a Healthy Culture


Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve, CEO Alan, in an interview with Michiel Crommelinck, CEO Officient
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About this webinar

Your lunchtime session to discover the real drivers behind insurtech Alan's stellar 4-year growth to €60 M in revenue.

Combining company growth with employee well-being is a challenge in every company.

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you for a conversation between Michiel Crommelinck, CEO of Officient, and our very own Jean-Charles Samuelin-Werve,  CEO of Alan.

Join Michiel and Jean-Charles as they discuss the importance of company culture to fuel growth, and walk away with practical tips to make it work in your company.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • what makes the company culture at Alan so different (hint: there are no meetings and everybody knows each other’s salary)
  • what Michiel Crommelinck’s view on this is, as an organisational psychologist and CEO of a growing company himself
  • how to evaluate company culture in your organisation, and which changes to consider for maximum impact
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Speaker: Jean-Charles Samuelian

Jean-Charles is CEO of Alan, a French health insurance scale-up that’s bringing a breath of fresh air to the health sector in Europe. As the son of two doctors, he developed a keen interest in healthcare – and computer programming – at a young age.

Hosted by Michiel Crommelinck

Michiel is CEO of Officient, a fast-growing HR platform. Michiel holds a PhD in Organisational Psychology and previously worked as an Innovation Partner at Securex.

‘Healthy Culture’ at Alan

How insurtech scale-up Alan is disrupting the health insurance market across Europe.

Four years after launching, we insure 90.000 people, have 230 colleagues, represent more than €60 million in revenue and just started our European expansion by launching in Spain and Belgium

Our business is very healthy: the spreadsheets glow from the inside out and we have an amazing product to thank for that. But the secret ingredient of our apparent overnight success? A healthy company culture!

So, what is company culture at Alan like?

We are not claiming that our company culture is the ‘best’ or that it will work for you.

It’s simply the culture we’ve developed to let our people perform and flourish at the same time.

  • no meetings
  • all decisions are taken in writing
  • no managers
  • everyone has access to all the information
  • all employees are shareholders
  • we work from anywhere and trust employees to get the job done
  • we celebrate failure since we learn from it

The webinar may inspire you to question the traditional way of doing things. Perhaps it’ll lead you to making some instant changes, or perhaps you’ll think we’re way too radical.

Come hear for yourself

How is Alan different from other health insurance?

We have a big vision: to completely transform healthcare in Europe.

Healthcare systems can’t keep up with the way we live. It’s hard 

  • to get access to correct information
  • to consult the right specialist, to 
  • to find your way through the administrative maze, or 
  • to simply try and prevent all that to happen.

As a result, patients, doctors, and hospitals all end up being victims of the system. With Alan, we have our minds set on transforming the healthcare system to make it user-centric, so we can radically change personal health in the future.

Alan is your friend in health, your partner to better living.

We unlock frictionless, fair & personal healthcare for everyone.

We use technology to offer our members the best prevention, access to information and care while handling all the logistics and payments seamlessly.

To do so we started by offering the best health insurance on the market, to help companies and individuals take care of themselves, their families and their teams. We let nobody tell us ‘it’s impossible’ or ‘too difficult’: we’re convinced we’ll reach our goal, one step at a time.

Building a Healthy Business through a Healthy Culture


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